Over the past months, we've learned quite a bit about how subscription models work in various payment processors, their benefits, quirks, and their bugs.

We've learned that Stripe is far superior to PayPal when it comes to card payments, both in speed and reliability. We've also learned that PayPal is not reliable at all when it comes to their own subscription service, as they often failed to report subscription payments, transactions, and sometimes even double-charged our clients! 

Since then, we have decided to integrate our own PayPal recurring payment system, similar to how Stripe currently works at the moment. Once you authorize your PayPal account with our system, we will charge your account automatically as necessary, taking the "hard work" away from PayPal. This will not only allow us to have better accounting, but also reduce the number of mistakes made in charges and payments.

So what does this change for our customers?
Your life is much simpler!
Your Existing Orders are the same as before, no changes on your part are required at all.  If you want to switch to the new system, all you need to do is change your payment method on the next invoice, or in your profile settings.

For New Orders though, you have a new set of payment choices.
- You can still pay using PayPal manually if you would like, we will not connect to your PayPal at all, just as before. This is done through the "PayPal One-Time" payment method.
- You can still pay automatically using Card (Handled by STRIPE) as well, all of your card details are stored in stripe's secure database. This is done through the "Card" payment method.
- You can also pay using the "PayPal Recurring" option, which allows for a streamlined connection of your PayPal account to HostPls, after which you will be automatically charged for every outstanding invoice. 

As always with a major transition like this, there is a grace period, and a general warning for stability. We have done our best to ensure the system is stable, in our testing there were no errors or double charges, we firmly believe that this is an improvement to our platform. If you run into any issues please be sure to let us know!

All in all, we hope that this is an improvement of our payment systems moving forward, as it reduces overhead and confusion with our customers.

   HostPls Team.

Monday, June 22, 2020

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