As some of you may know, Host-Pls is going through some major changes as we change many parts of our infrastructure. The list of changes is long, and the improvements are incredible.

Finally, after months of hard work, we are ready to release these improvements to the public. While we are excited to move everyone over immediately, we are all about customer satisfaction. 

We will be providing large overlapping time-windows for changes so that users experience little-to-no downtime/interruptions.

This migration will take place in three core phases:


PHASE 1 Begins Nov 1st 2020: Manual opt-in IP address renumbering. 

As of this point, our networks are conjoined, but our old IPs are given to us from our datacenter. Which means all of our users need to change their IPs.

This is an annoying change, but it comes with an added benefit, we are doing away with Shared IPs. 

- Every server will now have their own dedicated IP. Which also means those of you that paid for dedicated IPs will no longer be charged extra once you move to the new system.

- Faster pings, more reliable network, and better diversity in peering, and many more improvements to the overall network


If you want to be one of the first users on the new network, reach out via one of our support contacts and we can get you started in the process. 

Everyone must move eventually, as we need to return the datacenter IPs soon, we would much prefer to help you along the process than to force it on you.


PHASE 2 Date TBD - PLANNED MAINTENANCE (Hardware Migration)

On a certain day in the near future, Host-Pls will be down for less than 2 hours in order to move our old infrastructure to the new location. 

We will announce the day at least 7 days before the downtime occurs, to allow users to prepare for this outage. 


We will also declare the details of Phase 3 at that time, as Phase 3 will be the largest of the three and is still under construction.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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