<This announcement is a continuation of IP Renumbering, Hardware Migrations, and New Plans>

As we near phase 2 of the migration plan, we have assigned a timeslot for the major downtime that will occur to migrate our old physical hardware to our new location. This downtime will involve a power outage on one of our main nodes where the majority of our customers are currently hosted. Meaning that it is very likely your VPS will be rebooted as a part of this downtime.

On November 30th, 2020, During the times from 1PM EST to 5PM EST, there is an estimated downtime of 2HRS maximum while we move our hardware. As always, we strive to hit the minimum, not the maximum, so realistically the duration of downtime should be significantly less if all things go well.

We take downtime seriously, and have gone through extra lengths and preparation to ensure that this incredible migration is a fluid change, even though our infrastructure will be changing drastically once we move locations. 
- Those of you who have changed your IPs before the migration will not need to intervene at all during this upcoming downtime. (Those on old IPs will need to adapt their services to the new IP addresses)
- Many customers have experienced faster speeds and lower latencies as we improve and expand our network, while staying on the same systems.

Once Phase 2 is completed, Phase 3 will introduce many improvements on reliability, redundancy, capacity, speed, and customer choice. We hope to serve you well in the coming weeks as we go through this incredible change in our company. Phase 3 is currently in a beta phase, with many of our clients testing it out, and making sure that it is ready for the public. We are truly excited to have you with us during this period of our business, and can't wait to see what you create on our platform next.

Important Notices: 
- Your files, servers, prices, and all other data will NOT be affected by this migration. We are simply moving our own infrastructure.
- Before this migration, if you are still using the OLD network, (If your IP begins with 38, 172, or 2a0f), I urge you to reach out and swap over manually. If you do not reach out before the maintenance window, your server's IP address will be changed during the maintenance period, without exception. So far more than 90% of customers have opted in, and we are personally reaching out to individuals who have not yet changed their network.

As Always, Thanks for being Awesome,
  HostPls Team.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

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